Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Come Join Me...I've Moved!

Please join me at my new home.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday & Inspiration

Almost done! These are the front and back pieces. I'll be knitting the sleeves next. Right now this looks like two giant scarves. I usually know what I want my next project to be. But I've seen so much inspiration lately that I'm just not sure which direction to go in. I want more dresses, sweaters, knit pants, sheer knits...I even saw a pair of leggings that I want.

Aforementioned leggings layered with knits. Uber cozy. Yess!!

Image from Lily

Friday, November 04, 2011

Photo Friday

I thought I would share some photos. As regular readers know, it's another one of my passions. Plus, it's a way to say hello till I have a finshed project to show. Had a little photo shoot last week and coincidentally happened to be wearing one of my knits. It's the Ebony Turtleneck that I made last year. I have to say, this knit has gotten sooo much wear over the past year. It's just one of those staple, go-to pieces. I didn't really show it off in these pics. The shoot wasn't about the turtleneck, but now I wish I had gotten more of it in the pics. I also wish my hem had been turned down.

Flirting with the Camera
Flirting with the camera

Super Skinny
I always use laceweight/light fingering size threads, but I want to go even skinnier sometimes. I swatched up this yarn (to the left). It's a two-ply knitting yarn that is the size of #10 crochet thread. Seriously! You can see how considerably smaller the stitches are from the yarn on the right, especially the stripe. I didn't think it would knit properly on my machine, but decided to give it a try. It turned out great! Now I can't wait to make some things with
super skinny yarns!

I decided to go with a slightly deeper color. It's called "Cocoa" and it's very rich and delicious! Dontcha think?! I saw this color and fell in love all over again! I love my original color choice also. It was such a match, but I have some unfinished business with that shade of yarn. That project was frogged quite a while ago, however, I still plan to reknit it. This thread is the same size as the swatch to the right in the photo above. The smaller thread is half the size of this strand. I think that puts it in perspective.

Knitting Progress
Does this look familiar? LOL! This picture was taken earlier this afternoon. I knit this up today. You'll be happy to know that I've made considerable progress just since this photo was taken. I've been slow in starting this project, so I'm trying to catch up by knitting the complete back today. I really need to start taking full advantage of this machine. You can really have a nice knit wardrobe if you own one of these!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Let's Catch Up!

I'm not done with this striped dress kick just yet! I still fully intend to make my fall dress. I seriously love this dress and I can really see myself wearing it. The fact that she looks totally fab in hers probably has a lot to do with it.I put a couple of colors together to see what they would look like. I tried to match the colors as close as possible because I really love the look just as it is; right down to the jacket!
Image from Cheetah is the New Black

You would have to be living under a rock not to have caught wind of the Missoni for Target craze last month. I didn't purchase anything. I wasn't interested in anything that I saw, and thank goodness. Everything sold out very quickly. Before it was all over, there was one little number that grabbed my attention and held on tight.
Drool! Seriously! How hot is this? I've already picked out colors! Now of course this was a serious tease. NOTHING like this was sold in Target locations near me. I suspect it was never sold in the Target stores period. So I can only guess how much this little number would run for. That would actually be very amusing. If anyone finds a link. Please share. I'm curious.

I know I said I wouldn't be changing systems again anytime soon but...when I said I missed my Olympus. I really meant it. So I'm back to my Olympus system. I appreciate my system now more than before! Sometimes you actually get it right the first time. This camera is so me! It's seriously fun to use!
Plus, it's so darn sexy!
Today's camera: Olympus EP-3 ED 12mm f2.0
Image from Patrick Ng

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Striped Maxi Dress!!

Ok, so I finally finished my summer dress just in time for fall. LOL! There have to be some points earned for perseverance. Right??
The reason it has taken me so long to complete this project is because I made a colossal mistake on it after knitting half of the dress. It's the mistake every knitter will or has encountered. Gauge! So I had to walk away from it for a considerable amount of time before STARTING OVER! Half of this project was quite a bit of work. But I really wanted this dress! What's one to do? Fix it and vent later!
But on to the good stuff!!
I'm really pleased with how this turned out. It's sleeveless, if you're wondering.
Striped Maxi
I wanted a slim & simple collar.
So I ripped out the original ribbed band that I knit and opted for this.
I thought it looked too sweater-like for summer.
Striped Maxi Striped Maxi
Since I had a couple of request to see the sleeve, I snapped a couple of pics and added them to the gallery.
I was alone when these were taken, so there's noone modeling it.
But you can see just how lovely the armholes turned out. Inside and out.
Striped Maxi Dress Striped Maxi Dress
They're done in a simple 1x1 rib.
I'm quite proud of them!
Striped Maxi
It truly is ankle length and I really can't wait
to make one for fall!
Striped Maxi
How did I do on matching those stripes?
Striped Maxi
The weight is just heavy enough where you don't have to wear concealment garments underneath.
Isn't that really the purpose of summer dresses?
I sure wouldn't want to miss a cool breeze! Hee hee...
Striped Maxi
I'm going to be in this dress so much next summer!!