Kamis, 21 Mei 2015

Recipe bolu gulung soft and tender

Recipe bolu gulung soft and tender - As well as the diversity of recipes this food, our country will also have many variations cake recipes that have the distinctive flavor and delicious. One that is quite popular and famous in google.com our communities are Bolu Roll recipe. Perhaps many of the friends who tahunya cake was baked rolls or in the oven. This time, I will invite friends made a special cake recipe, the recipe steamed sponge. Yes, how to make steamed rolls is very easy, even for young women friends who are not used to make cakes were easily able to make steamed rolls recipe is simple and economical.

Friends may still remember the 90s steamed rolls recipe is very famous once and became one of the most popular cake by most families in Indonesia. Maybe then not many cake recipes from abroad who enter our country, such as tiramisu cake recipe, rainbow cake and others. Virtually every important event in that era sponge cake roll is almost resep bolu gulung certainly always be at the table for the buffet table. Especially when religious holidays, almost certainly rolls is definitely there to dish for guests and family. In addition, the sponge cake is also well suited to be a friend to watch a favorite TV show together with a glass of tea, milk or coffee.

1. Take a large-size container to make the main dough.
2. Enter the white sugar that has been prepared and its baking dough into.
3 containers. Stir stir briefly so well blended.
4. Break the eggs and enter one by one into the batter container above.
5. Whisk all ingredients until fluffy.
6. Enter cake flour into the dough on top. Stir stir
7. spatula so that all ingredients are well blended wear and there are no lumps of flour clumps.
8. Enter the coconut milk that has been prepared to the dough on top. Stir stir so well blended.
9. Enter also the pandan paste into the mixture and stir over again stir until all ingredients are well blended.
10. Prepare a baking sheet that will be used for steaming resep cupcake kukus sponge cake. Pour the dough rolls over into the pan and flatten in loyangnya.
11. Insert the pan into a preheated steamer. Steamed until cooked dough rolls or less takes 20-24 minutes for really mature.
12. Once cooked, remove and let cool prior to hot steam of the cake missing before in spread buttercream on top.
13. Kelurkan by way of pouring cake rolls on butcher paper. Immediately spread the top of the sponge cake with buttercream that has been prepared in advance to all parts of the closed flat.
14. After the roll sponge that has been spread with buttercream then press and condense so attached and form a perfect rolls. rendang daging.