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Kue Cubit Recipe Delicious Green Tea

2 Version Kue Cubit Recipe Delicious Green Tea - Indeed, more and more new creations that create the cake originating from this developing city (read: Pinch Cake Bandung that make you drool!). About the delights and affection of the people of Indonesia to pinch cake innovation appears it will not be complete if we did not try the direct pleasure of green tea cake pinch undercooked.

Talking about the pinch of green tea cake, in the manufacture later we will use green tea powder yes. Well .. we all know green tea has many benefits for our body as Resep Cara Membuat Kue Cubit antioxidants that can fight cell damage by preventing damage to cells that are important in the body, making blood flow more smoothly and reduce levels of cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure and heart failure ,

Not only the enjoyment of the cake pinch that we can enjoy the future, but also the benefits of green tea for our health, of course, with the portion that fits yes :). hehehe. Cake pinch it is becoming a prima donna is not just in Bandung ya, but also in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang and the city - other cities.

The hunters began to hunt to enjoy the cake resep kolak pisang kepok pinch increasingly pinched ya: D. But, who does not like hunting can still enjoy sie pinch of green tea cake at home really calm yes :). Because we will share the recipe and how to make a pinch of green tea cake either half-baked or cooked.

1. Add the eggs and sugar into a large bowl. Blend the mixture until the sugar dissolves completely and expand.
2. Enter the flour gradually and mix until blended. Then, pour the liquid margarine and mix well and enter also baking soda, baking powder and vanilla powder. Mix well.
3. Insert the green tea powder is also produced by color according to your taste.
4. Once the dough flat, put the mixture into a container or pitcher bercorong.
5. Heat the cake mold small pinch on the fire that has been spread with a little margarine. After that, pour the batter with half the volume of the mold and lid.
6. When the dough is partially cooked and fluffy wait until the bottom is slightly browned, lift the dough and pinch a half-baked cake is ready to be served. bolu gulung.

Recipe bolu gulung soft and tender

Recipe bolu gulung soft and tender - As well as the diversity of recipes this food, our country will also have many variations cake recipes that have the distinctive flavor and delicious. One that is quite popular and famous in google.com our communities are Bolu Roll recipe. Perhaps many of the friends who tahunya cake was baked rolls or in the oven. This time, I will invite friends made a special cake recipe, the recipe steamed sponge. Yes, how to make steamed rolls is very easy, even for young women friends who are not used to make cakes were easily able to make steamed rolls recipe is simple and economical.

Friends may still remember the 90s steamed rolls recipe is very famous once and became one of the most popular cake by most families in Indonesia. Maybe then not many cake recipes from abroad who enter our country, such as tiramisu cake recipe, rainbow cake and others. Virtually every important event in that era sponge cake roll is almost resep bolu gulung certainly always be at the table for the buffet table. Especially when religious holidays, almost certainly rolls is definitely there to dish for guests and family. In addition, the sponge cake is also well suited to be a friend to watch a favorite TV show together with a glass of tea, milk or coffee.

1. Take a large-size container to make the main dough.
2. Enter the white sugar that has been prepared and its baking dough into.
3 containers. Stir stir briefly so well blended.
4. Break the eggs and enter one by one into the batter container above.
5. Whisk all ingredients until fluffy.
6. Enter cake flour into the dough on top. Stir stir
7. spatula so that all ingredients are well blended wear and there are no lumps of flour clumps.
8. Enter the coconut milk that has been prepared to the dough on top. Stir stir so well blended.
9. Enter also the pandan paste into the mixture and stir over again stir until all ingredients are well blended.
10. Prepare a baking sheet that will be used for steaming resep cupcake kukus sponge cake. Pour the dough rolls over into the pan and flatten in loyangnya.
11. Insert the pan into a preheated steamer. Steamed until cooked dough rolls or less takes 20-24 minutes for really mature.
12. Once cooked, remove and let cool prior to hot steam of the cake missing before in spread buttercream on top.
13. Kelurkan by way of pouring cake rolls on butcher paper. Immediately spread the top of the sponge cake with buttercream that has been prepared in advance to all parts of the closed flat.
14. After the roll sponge that has been spread with buttercream then press and condense so attached and form a perfect rolls. rendang daging.

How to cook rendang daging spices typical of native desert

How to cook rendang daging spices typical of native desert - Like the other variations of rendang recipe, chicken rendang padang to make special must use quality ingredients. Friends can use chicken or chicken pieces origin of good quality and fresh. Do not use long chicken meat texture will be a little flabby and certainly will make cooking a little taste later changed. For variety, friends can add other vegetable materials, such as beans, potatoes, tofu or other materials. Okay, for more details, please refer to how to make rendang and materials required below.

1. The first step that must be done is to soften the spice seasoning to be sauteed.
2. Puree red peppers, chili curly, ginger, onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, coriander, brown sugar and salt until it is completely smooth.
3. Prepare a frying pan rather large size. Give a little oil and seasoning enter rendang that has been refined over into it. Stir stir briefly until fragrant smell.
4. Enter the thin coconut milk that has been Resep Cara Membuat Rendang prepared in advance to the skillet earlier. Stir stir until mixed with subtle seasoning.
5. Enter turmeric leaf, which has been prepared kandis acid, lime leaves discarded leaves and lemongrass stalks. Stir stir all ingredients until boiling. Do not forget stir so as not to break the coconut milk.
6. Enter the chicken meat that has been cut pieces to taste. Reduce the heat and stir in seasoning mix so quickly soak into the chicken.
7. When the chicken was a little soft, insert additional materials (potatoes that have been cut into pieces, know or the other). Stir the mix again so that all the flavors mingle perfectly.
8. After seasoning rendang has somewhat shrunk, enter the thick coconut milk and coconut scars. Stir the mix again so that all the ingredients mixed perfectly.
9. Taste the cuisine rendang chicken. If less savory, salt can be added according to taste. Masal again until slightly dry.

How do friends how to make a simple chicken rendang above? Easy enough right. Like resep perkedel kentang enak the other rendang recipes, cooking Chicken Rendang recipe does require substantial time. But when it's finished, the time and effort that has been dikeluaran really pays off when enjoying one of this chicken recipe.